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What happened to the PDF Airway Manuals in Mobile FliteDeck iOS?
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Nov 2018
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In Mobile FliteDeck iOS 2.9 and earlier, the Jeppesen Airway Manuals were in a PDF format that had to be opened in another PDF reader app, as shown below:

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In Mobile FliteDeck 3.0 and later, the manuals are now in an html format that are fully integrated and searchable within the app.

To view Jeppesen Airway Manual text:

  1. Tap the Route List button while viewing the enroute map, if the Route List is not already open.
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  1. Tap the Pubs tab, if it is not already selected. At the top level of Pubs information, the Pubs tab provides access to Route Notes, Jeppesen Airway Manual text by region, and company manuals. You might need to tap the [ < ] Back button until you return to the top of the list of Pubs.
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  1. Tap the desired flyout from the list of regions.
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  1. Under Documents, tap the desired Airway Manual text flyout.
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  1. Scroll through the list of Airway Manual topics, and tap the desired flyout.
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  1. Tap the desired title from the list of subtopics.
Mobile FliteDeck opens the content viewer opens and displays the content.

  • You can zoom and scroll the content, or you can tap the Expand Content button to expand the content viewer to full screen.
  • You can swipe the handle up and back down from the bottom of the content viewer to view the information and the map.
  • To close the content viewer, tap the X at the top of the display
If you don’t see the Airway Manual listed after tapping the desired region, it has not been downloaded. For example, in the following screenshot, the South America Airway Manual does not appear after tapping the South America region:

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To download the Manual:

  1. Tap the Settings button, then tap Updates.
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  1. Tap Manuals.
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  1. Tap the Manual you want to download.
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  1. Tap Updates to return to the previous screen.
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  1. Tap Update.
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  1. After the Manual has downloaded, return back to the Pubs flyout and the Manual will now be available.
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