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FlitePlan Online (FPO)
by Jeppesen
CUSTOMER NOTICE: The FlitePlan Online product was sunset on December 31, 2020 and is no longer available for usage. However, customer data will continue to be available within the JetPlan Engine tool, which can be used to run flight plans with one of the alternate interfaces. For more information, please review our FlitePlan Online Sunset FAQs

Jeppesen FlitePlan Online redefines flight planning for business aviation pilots like you, and allows flight plans to be designed and filed from anywhere in the world in minutes. Our online solution includes intelligent routing, weather, and weight and balance capabilities based on your exact aircraft configuration. Jeppesen FlitePlan Online was created in concert with pilot user experience data to build a solution that simplifies flight planning through a clean, intuitive interface. Jeppesen FlitePlan Online offers the following flight planning benefits to business aviation pilots:
  • Streamlines the flight planning process
  • Enables increased fuel efficiency and reduced costs
  • Allows for repeatable flight planning operations and decreased pilot workload
  • Eliminates slow load times and multiple-step data entry processes
  • Provides ability to create or change flight plans with little advance notice
  • Ensures critical values such as maximum takeoff weight are within acceptable limits
  • Considers all aspects of weather and aircraft performance data using proven models
  • Stores all relevant flight planning data in a single online resource
  • Is accurate, auditable and secure for flights anywhere in the world
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