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Tailored Maps
by Jeppesen
Jeppesen Tailored Maps offers a unique capability that empowers customer ground teams (content managers, EFB administrators, ground operations, dispatch, etc.) to directly interact with their enroute data to customize and supplement standard Jeppesen content with information specific to their operations – and then to push it real-time to FliteDeck Pro.

Tailored Maps is a capability unique to Jeppesen and provides customers the ability to directly interact with their enroute data independent of Jeppesen production or revision cycles. Changes to customer data can be previewed on the tablet and then published real-time, a specific time and date, or with a given data update cycle. 
v1.1.1 User Guide
v1.1.1 Release Notes
v1.0.1 User Guide
V1.0.1 Release Notes
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