How do I use Garmin Pilot and the Flight Stream 510 card to transfer Jeppesen databases to my Garmin avionics?
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Mar 2023
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Flight Stream 510 is a Garmin patented multimedia card that includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. It allows wireless database transfers to popular Garmin avionics via Garmin Database Concierge using the Garmin Pilot App, including Garmin GTN Series, Garmin G1000 NXi, G2000/3000/5000, G500/G600, G500H (via GTN unit), and GNX 375/GPS 175 (via GTN unit).

The benefit of wireless connectivity is that you do not need to remove your data card from the airplane, or use separate hardware — simply download data updates at your convenience to an iOS or Android mobile device, connect to Flight Stream 510 in the cockpit, and upload your data seamlessly. Flight Stream 510 also enables the following functionalities:

  • Wireless flight plan transfers
  • Managing communications (text and phone)
  • Streaming weather, traffic, GPS and back-up attitude data to your mobile device

Here is what you need in order to use the advanced connectivity options:
  • Garmin Flight Stream 510 installed on the aircraft
  • Garmin System ID for each avionics device. Refer to the following flyGarmin article for how to locate the System ID (Unit ID):Finding the Unit ID on an aviation device
  • Subscription for the Garmin Pilot App
  • Garmin Pilot App installed
  • Subscription for a Jeppesen PilotPak bundle

Take the following steps for the connectivity setup:
  1. Contact Jeppesen (see contact information below)
  2. Update your Jeppesen account with the required System ID(s)
  3. Go to flyGarmin:flyGarmin.com/Jeppesen
  4. Login with your Garmin username & password
  5. Sync with your Jeppesen account using your Jeppesen username & password
  6. Launch the Garmin Pilot App:

NavData®, SafeTaxi, Obstacles, Airport Directory & Terrain
  1. Select: Home → Connext → Database Concierge
  2. Power On Avionics and Connect with iOS Device
  3. Select Databases to Transfer
  4. Power Cycle the Avionics

Jeppesen Charts
(Garmin Pilot Premium Subscription Required)
  1. Select: Home → Settings → Jeppesen
  2. Login With Your Jeppesen account username & password
  3. Activate Device
  4. Power On Avionics and Connect with iOS Device
  5. Select Databases to Transfer
  6. Power Cycle the Avionics

Go flying and have fun!

Jeppesen Contact Information

Americas, Asia, Australia, Canada:captain@jeppesen.com
Europe, Africa, Middle East: fra-services@jeppesen.com

U.S., Canada, Asia
Toll-Free +1-866-498-0213
Direct +1-303-328-4030

UK & Ireland
Toll-Free 0-800-085-5377
Direct +44-129-384-2400

Europe (except UK), Middle East, Africa
Toll-Free 0-800-5377-3736
Direct +49-6102-5070

Toll-Free +1-800-149-658
Direct +61-07-3105-9480

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