How to activate and download a Jeppesen charts subscription in the Garmin Pilot application
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Mar 2023
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Avionics System/GPS
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How To
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NOTE: Jeppesen charts are only available in Garmin Pilot on iOS devices.(Garmin Pilot Premium Subscription Required)

  1. First, make sure you have signed into your Garmin account on the Settings > Subscription menu.
  2. While on the Settings menu, tap Jeppesen, then Login and enter your Jeppesen username and password that is associated with the account that has the Jeppesen charts subscription.
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  1. Select the License (subscription) that you would like to activate.
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  1. Go to the Downloads page to view the progress of the download.
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Please view the following Garmin video for additional guidance on linking your Jeppesen subscription and managing downloads:


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