RNP AR NavData Service for Garmin G1000, G2000, G3000 & G5000

With the new and first-of-its-kind RNP AR NavData service, you can use most U.S. RNP AR procedures without needing to first perform a flyability check. The service is offered to qualified operators who operate qualified RNP AR enabled aircraft (per AC90-101A) equipped with Garmin G1000, G2000, G3000 or G5000 avionics systems (Loaded from Garmin19 file)

Jeppesen and Garmin validates all procedures provided as part of the RNP AR NavData service in accordance with Jeppesen’s approved alternate compliance for FAA AC90-101A. However, it’s very important to understand that AC90-101A still requires a flyability check for certain procedures. You must still perform a flyability check prior to using the procedure inflight, in instrument meteorological conditions (“IMC”) when:

  • The procedure is non-Part 97 and/or non-U.S. RNP AR (foreign)
    • Exception – U.S. operators with RNP AR authorization do not require flyability checks for the procedures contained in Foreign Procedures Approved for RNP AR Operations.
    • Exception – U.S. non-public RNP AR procedures (i.e., “Specials”) for use by approved operators.
  • Any procedure that did not pass the validation process accuracy checks.

The flyability check requirement is distinct and separate from Jeppesen’s data validation requirement. Nothing herein or provided in the RNP AR NavData service detracts from your responsibilities set forth in FAA AC90-101A.

A procedure that did not pass the validation process will be published on the RNP AR NavData Service Exception Report below.


GARMIN RNP AR CYCLIC REPORT 2407 (For Garmin19 file)


(Review the NavData Update and Effectivity Schedule for effectivity dates.)