A message to our customers: COVID-19

With the impact of COVID-19 now reaching deep into all of our lives, we are sharing a brief note on what we at Jeppesen are doing to support our team, you, and our products during this unprecedented time:

  • Jeppesen employees are working remotely, self-isolating, and doing their part to stay healthy and help Flatten the Curve.
  • We have paused all in-person events until further notice.
  • Business continuity is a priority, and we are doing everything we can to ensure all internal systems that support our products and applications are functional during this crisis.
  • We have plans in place to keep publishing chart, data and application updates on their regular schedule.
  • Our global support and control center (GSCC) is currently staffed and fully operational.

This is a challenging time and our first priority is to keep the team healthy, followed by ensuring we keep our products and services functioning to support you and your operations during this difficult time.


In our Tool section, you will find information and self-help options for all Jeppesen tools and data delivery solutions. Jeppesen Data Distribution Management (JDM) applications, for instance let you download, distribute, and manage standard and tailored data for mobile devices and avionics systems. And when you need additional help, our highly skilled technical support teams assist you with all aspects of tools so that your data is always current when and where you need it.

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