FliteDeck Pro Windows
by Jeppesen

Notice: FliteDeck Pro 9 Configuration Changes in Support of Weather

Designed specifically for airlines and military operators, FliteDeck Pro delivers data-driven EFB data directly to your iPad or Windows device. The app can be used on the ground or in the cockpit and serves as a true paper-replacement solution for RNAV capable flight decks. Features and benefits include:

•   Display of ATC Clearances and Flight Plan imports

•   VFR enroute theme with enhanced filters such as filtering airports by runway length

•   Ownship on Approach Charts

•   Access to engine-out procedure and custom charts

•   Integrated distribution for mobile devices, EFBs and more, including encryption and virus scanning

•   Automated device tracking with efficient delivery and reporting to multiple devices from one application

v9.2.1 User Guide
v9.2.1 Release Notes
v9.2.1 Admin Guide 
v9.1 User Guide
v9.1 Release Notes
v9.1 Administrator Guide 
v.9.2.168 Release Notes
FliteDeck Pro 7 Windows Important Notice January 2021  
FliteDeck Pro 7 for Windows Important Notification 
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