Mobile FliteDeck iOS
by Jeppesen
Designed specifically for individuals, enthusiasts, and business aviation operators, Mobile FliteDeck delivers data-driven IFR enroute data and terminal charts directly to your iPad or tablet device. Features and benefits include:
• VFR enroute layer
• Vector image rendering of chart data
• Ownship position view and moving map
• Access to chart change notices
• Textual and graphical weather overlays
• SmartNotes – Cuts through the clutter to intelligently deliver pertinent flight information based on chronological and geospatial data, and minimizes pilot interactions with the mobile device.
• Organized Track System (OTS) – Provides critical information for oceanic flights when appropriate airports are selected.
• Jeppesen Standard Airway Manual – Fully indexed and searchable text sections are available to help you better prepare for your flight.
• SID/STAR with Ownship – Increases situational awareness by allowing the pilot to view the flight with respect to the terminal air structure.

iOS Compatibility: Mobile FliteDeck v3.0.x has been tested and is compatible with iOS 12.3.
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