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Notice: Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck is being phased out of service

JeppFD (Mobile FliteDeck IFR) app will remain supported and available for download on the Apple App Store for all regions until further notice. 

We have listed all of these data elements with examples in this [knowledge article] for your reference. This article will be updated with the latest information including future releases of ForeFlight Mobile that will address these missing data elements over the coming months.

Support for Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck will be ending in a phased approach through the end of 2023.

We are hard at work with the ForeFlight team to ensure our customers have a smooth transition for both domestic and international operations. We will provide you with plenty of advance notice prior to the final removal of JeppFD from the App Store.


Designed specifically for individuals, enthusiasts, and business aviation operators, Mobile FliteDeck delivers data-driven IFR enroute data and terminal charts directly to your iPad or tablet device. Features and benefits include:

• VFR enroute layer

• Vector image rendering of chart data

• Ownship position view and moving map

• Access to chart change notices

• Textual and graphical weather overlays

• SmartNotes – Cuts through the clutter to intelligently deliver pertinent flight information based on chronological and geospatial data, and minimizes pilot interactions with the mobile device.

• Organized Track System (OTS) – Provides critical information for oceanic flights when appropriate airports are selected.

• Jeppesen Standard Airway Manual – Fully indexed and searchable text sections are available to help you better prepare for your flight.

• SID/STAR with Ownship – Increases situational awareness by allowing the pilot to view the flight with respect to the terminal air structure.

Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck 3.0.7 and iPadOS Compatibility Statement

Jeppesen has noted one issue related to Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck 3.0.7 running iPadOS 16.X. Version 3.0.7 was released on October 18, 2021.

In testing Apple’s new iPadOS 16 we have determined that changes to the operating system are preventing devices from sharing flights in Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck when both devices are using iPadOS 16. We recommend to operators who rely on this Flight Sharing ability to either not upgrade to iPadOS 16, or migrate your Jeppesen subscription to ForeFlight.

Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck Customers: Guide to ForeFlight

Webinar: How to easily transition from Jeppesen Mobile FD to ForeFlight Mobile Upcoming October 7th, 2021

Important Support FAQs for Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck Sunset

v3.0.7 Release Notes
v3.0.6 Release Notes
v2.7 eLearning Lesson
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