INDS Data Manager Windows
by Jeppesen
INDS Data Manager for Windows 3.x by Jeppesen will be discontinued as of Aug. 13th, 2021. To ensure there are no disruptions to your operations you MUST update your processes to use only IDM 4.X as soon as possible.

As of Aug. 13, 2021, data downloads will be disabled through the INDS Data Manager for Windows 3.x application. Customers may receive notifications such as 'Status: The IDM 3.x client has been retired'; please take immediate action: it is required that you move to IDM 4.X.

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As part of the transition to IDM 4.0, operators will need to login using their Honeywell ID instead of the Jeppesen credentials currently used today with the Jeppesen INDS Data Manager for Windows 3.x application. For help in creating your Honeywell login and associating your Jeppesen credentials to your Honeywell ID, please refer to the support article Honeywell introduces “Single-Sign-On” credential to access INDS Website and IDM 4.0 Future Release. To download the IDM 4.0 installer, visit Download INDS Data Manager (IDM) Windows from Honeywell.
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