Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM) Pro
by Jeppesen

JDM Pro is a web-based application used to distribute data and applications to computer systems including mobile devices (iPad and Windows tablets), EFBs, portable data loaders, and desktop computers. Secure, fast, easy delivery anytime, anywhere based on the following features:

  • You manage different aircraft types or locations with ease.
  • Scalable global management application that grows with your operation and fleets.
  • Quickly understand the status of the devices within your operation through informative reports such as devices registered and data delivered.
v2.21.2 Release Notes - Premium 
v2.21.2 Release Notes - Essential 
v2.21.2 Admin Guide - Premium 
v2.21.2 Admin Guide - Essential 
Job Aid: Working with MFA in JDM Pro
Job Aid: Getting the Trip Kit URL 
Job Aid: FAQs about MFA in JDM Pro
CDAD for JDM Pro User Guide
JDM Pro Basics 
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