Garmin Worldwide Database Oversize
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Aug 2018
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Avionics System/GPS
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Beginning with Cycle 1810 (Effective Sept. 13, 2018) the worldwide navigation databases (Navdata) for some Garmin avionics systems will be too large to include all airports. Garmin will be excluding all airports whose longest runway is 5,000 feet or less. All heliports will also be removed.

This includes databases sold by Jeppesen for the affected Garmin systems.

Please note the software versions listed below to compare with your own system. (how to find your GDU software version)

Affected Avionics and Software Versions
  • Garmin G900X, G950, G1000, Cirrus Perspective, and Embraer Prodigy Integrated Avionics Systems with GDU software versions 15.09 and earlier.
  • Garmin G2000, G3000, G5000, and Embraer Prodigy Touch Integrated Avionics Systems with GDU software version 6.49 and earlier.
  • Garmin GTN 6XX/7XX with system software version 6.19 and earlier.
  • Garmin G500/G600/G500H with GDU software version 7.09 and earlier.
  • All GNS 400W/500W systems.
Beginning cycle 1810 (effect September 13, 2018) Garmin will be restricting the number of airports included in the Worldwide Navdata, based on the length of the longest runway. Airports that do not have a runway greater than 5,000 feet will be excluded from the database, including all of the associated data such as frequencies or approaches.

Beginning cycle 1910 (effective September 12, 2019) Garmin will discontinue Worldwide Navdata for these units. Other coverages will remain available with no restrictions on airports.

Jeppesen offers an alternative Worldwide NavData service, which include three regional databases (Americas, Trans-Atlantic, and International) that combined offers full global coverage.

Please note that only one of these regionalized databases can be loaded into the system at a time.

We advise you contact Jeppesen Customer Service prior to September 13 to change your NavData service if you believe the 5000ft limit will impact your flight operations.

More information can be found in Garmin Service Advisory 1846

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Europe/Middle East : fra-services@jeppesen.com
Asia/Pacific: apac_bizav@jeppesen.com
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