by Jeppesen

Jeppesen FliteBrief is the next generation suite of crew briefing and flight monitoring products that enables dispatchers, pilots and airline operations personnel to effectively manage and distribute the content of flight briefing packages.

iPadOS Compatibility Statement

Jeppesen has noted no issues related to Aviator 3.8.4 and 3.9.1 with iPadOS 17.3.1

Transition to new Dispatch View as detailed in the CIB issued recently will be actioned for all users on Wednesday 8th November at 1400 UTC, users that have already requested to remain on the legacy Dispatch View will remain on this until requested otherwise. If you do not want that transition to happen please ensure you contact us before this date.


v1.38 FliteBrief Release Notes 
Job Aid: Extracting files from an uberClosure.zip file in FliteBrief 
FlightBrief User Guide 
CIB: New Dispatch View in FliteBrief 
FliteBrief: Using the Flight Briefing module 
FliteBrief: User Administration 
FliteBrief: Application Administration 
FliteBrief: Using the Record Vault module 
FliteBrief: Using the Planning Portal module 
FliteBrief: Using the Ops Board module 
Flitebrief: Using the Notices module 
FliteBrief: Using the Flight Tracking module 
FliteBrief: Using the Dispatch module 
FliteBrief: Using the Airfield Watch module 
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