Aviator for iOS
by Jeppesen

Jeppesen Aviator is a suite of EFB solutions that increases airline efficiencies by streamlining pilot workflows and lowering ground operations costs. It transforms capabilities previously found in numerous mobile applications into a single, seamless, intuitive and easy-to-use EFB suite. It's configurable dashboard displays critical information from various sources that can be monitored at a glance. 


Find out how Jeppesen Aviator, and our entire ecosystem, can make your operations integrated, connected, and smart by contacting your account representative or visiting jeppesen.com/aviator.


Jeppesen Aviator and iPadOS Compatibility Statement

Jeppesen has noted no issues related to Aviator 3.6.1 with iPadOS 15.6.

Jeppesen has noted no issues related to Aviator 3.6.2 with iPadOS 15.6.

Each operator should further evaluate the OS update as it relates to their operating environment.

v3.6.2 User Guide 
v3.6.2 Release Notes
v3.6.2 Admin Guide 
v3.6.1 User Guide 
v3.6.1 Release Notes
v3.6.1 Admin Guide 
Job Aid: Uploading Custom Documents
Job Aid: Fuel and Weight Calculations 
Job Aid: Extracting files from an uberClosure.zip file in FliteBrief 
Job Aid: Aviator Workflows 
CIB: Incorrect Winds Aloft in Dispatch Wx
CIB: Flight Package Updates Interrupted with Background App Refresh Enabled
CIB: Discontinuation of Legacy Weather Service.
CIB Suitable Period Date-Time Issue
CIB Erroneous Wx and NOTAM for airports without a published IATA code
3.x eLearning Basics
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