FliteDeck Pro X
by Jeppesen

FliteDeck Pro X Compatibility Statement

iPadOS 15.5 is compatible with FliteDeck Pro X 4.3, 4.4, and 4.5.


Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro X is the latest offering for the commercial airline market and brings together a best-in-class suite of technologies into the industry's leading electronic flight bag (EFB) solution.

FliteDeck Pro X provides pilots and operators who subscribe to Jeppesen electronic charting a dynamic enroute map display, D-ATIS, NOTAMs, and increased weather coverage overlaid on the highest quality aeronautical data available in the market.

Options to customize FliteDeck Pro X include:

•   Tailored enroute data

•   AID integration

•   Integration of Customer-Inserted Charts

•   Airport Moving Map

•   ADS-B traffic and weather

v4.5.1 User Guide
v4.5.1 Release Notes
v4.5.1 Admin Guide 
v4.4.2 Release Notes
v4.4.2 Admin Guide 
v4.4 User Guide
v4.4 FliteDeck Pro X: Wingspan Restrictions on AMM 
v4.4 FliteDeck Pro X: Low Vis Taxi and Search on AMM  
v4.3 FliteDeck Pro X: What’s New (approx. 15 mins.)
v4.2 FliteDeck Pro X : What’s New (approx. 15 mins.)
v4.0 FliteDeck Pro X Basics (approx. 55 mins.)
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