FliteDeck Pro X
by Jeppesen

FliteDeck Pro X Compatibility Statement

FliteDeck Pro X 4.5.2, 4.6.1, 4.7.1 through 4.7.3 are compatible with iPadOS 17.5.1

(See note about device name here.)


Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro X is the latest offering for the commercial airline market and brings together a best-in-class suite of technologies into the industry's leading electronic flight bag (EFB) solution.

FliteDeck Pro X provides pilots and operators who subscribe to Jeppesen electronic charting a dynamic enroute map display, D-ATIS, NOTAMs, and increased weather coverage overlaid on the highest quality aeronautical data available in the market.

Options to customize FliteDeck Pro X include:

•   Tailored enroute data

•   AID integration

•   Integration of Customer-Inserted Charts

•   Airport Moving Map

•   ADS-B traffic and weather

v4.7.x User Guide
v4.7.3 Release Notes
v4.7.3 Administrator Guide 
v4.6.1 User Guide
v4.6.1 Release Notes
v4.6.1 Administrator Guide 
v4.5.x User Guide
v4.5.2 Release Notes
v4.5.2 Administrator Guide 
FliteDeck Pro: Wingspan Restrictions on AMM 
FliteDeck Pro: The Basics
FliteDeck Pro: Selecting Optimal Runway Exits 
FliteDeck Pro: Low Vis Taxi and Search on AMM 
FliteDeck Pro - AMM and Smart Airport Maps Symbology 
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