Ground Controls
by Jeppesen

Ground Controls enables ground operations to manage, supplement, preview, publish and synchronize their data, navigational charts and maps with a single, web-based application. An intuitive user interface and workflow streamlines work processes, reduces workload and minimizes the need for user training.  

Ground Controls integrates the following modules into a single suite:

Tailored Maps – enables ground operations to supplement Jeppesen dynamic enroute data with company-specific information for viewing in FliteDeck Pro.

Inserted Charts – lets you add and view company charts alongside Jeppesen charts in FliteDeck Pro.

Chart Viewer – allows you to view and check company charts and maps alongside those from Jeppesen on your web browser.

Trip Kit – ensures your pilots always have the navigational charts needed to keep your fleet moving safely. In the event that a pilot’s mobile navigational app or app data becomes unavailable, pilots can access their charts from any connected device via their web browser to taxi and fly any IFR flight.

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