Jeppesen Program and Data Disc
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Mar 2023
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How To
The Jeppesen Program and Data Disc is used to install and update Jeppesen Programs such as JeppView for Windows, eLink for Windows, or JetPlanner.

You can download the disc contents from the below link. Note - You must have a valid Jeppesen Serial Number for the product you have subscribed to.

Cycle 07-2023

Download Jeppesen Program and Data Disc (~3 GB)
(Chrome users: Right-click the link and select 'Save link as')

JetPlanner – Windows 10
eLink, JeppView, eCharts – Windows 7


  1. Create a new folder on your Desktop or C: drive. You can choose any name you'd like for the new folder (e.g. Jeppesen Program Install).
  2. Download the file to your computer via the Download Jeppesen Program and Data Disc link above.
  3. Right click on the file and select "Extract All".
  4. Select the folder created in the first step to extract all files to the new folder.
  5. Once the extraction process completes, open the folder and double-click on setup.exe (see below). User-added image
  6. Continue through the installation process. Refer to:

Note: If your browser warns you that the file cannot be downloaded securely, you can bypass by selecting 'Keep' per the below screenshot:

Jet Planner 4.x System Requirements

  • OPERATING SYSTEM:Microsoft Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise, v1809 or higher, US-English language
  • WEB BROWSER:Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11

  • CPU: 4 logical processors
  • RAM: 8 GB or higher
  • DISK SPACE: 2 GB free disk space, SSD recommended
  • DISPLAY: Color 1280 X 1024 or higher resolution recommended
  • INPUT: touch-screen displays are not supported
JetPlanner relies on the ability to connect to external systems over the internet to function normally.
  • Internet connectivity required.
  • Broadband connection is required
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